Transform LinkedIn into your personal CRM

Your network is your value. Install the free inrich Google Chrome extension and instantly turn LinkedIn into your personal CRM.

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“Since using inrich, my networking has become so much more effective. I can easily track my interactions with my contacts and prospects and stay on top of my professional relationships.”

Alessio Miles

Alessio Miles

Personalize your connections

With inrich, you can add notes, tags, and custom information to your LinkedIn contacts' profile pages but also to any profile page, allowing you to remember every interaction and to better engage with each person of your network.
Personalize your connections

Streamline your networking workflow

By adding personal information to your LinkedIn contacts, inrich eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets or contact lists. inrich is part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.

Efficient relationship management

With inrich, you can manage your professional relationships and track your follow-ups and interactions all in one place.
Efficient relationship management

"I love how inrich seamlessly integrates with my LinkedIn account. It's like having my own personalized CRM at my fingertips."

Adam Sinistra


How much does it cost?

inrich is 100% free

How to use inrich?

inrich is a free Chrome extension that works in Chrome browser on Macs and PCs and in the Kiwi browser on Android.

Watch our Quick video tutorial (1:30).

Can I use inrich on mobile?

Being a browser extension, inrich doesn't work in LinkedIn's mobile app, it can only work in a browser... provided the browser supports Chrome extensions.

Google and Apple block extensions on their native mobile browsers, Chrome and Safari, so you need an alternate browser which supports Chrome extensions in order to use inrich on your mobile:

  • on Android inrich works fine with the Kiwi browser. For best experience, we recommend you set LinkedIn as your Home page in Kiwi.

  • on iOS no browser supports Chrome extensions properly at the moment. We'll port inrich to iOS as soon as a compatible browser is available.

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Leverage your LinkedIn network today with inrich.

As a solo consultant, I have to deal with thousands of prospects and contacts. Thanks to inrich, I now have a supercharged version of LinkedIn tailored to my needs! - Adrian Cartier

Turn LinkedIn into your personal CRM. For free

As LinkedIn power users, we were frustrated by not being able to add custom information on profile pages. We didn't need a full fledged CRM for our company, what we needed was instantly actionnable, personal and contextual info on top of LinkedIn profile pages.

Since that feature didn't exist, we developed it for ourselves. :)

Today we couldn't live without inrich, so we decided to share the wealth and to make it available to all LinkedIn users. A super-simple yet powerful free personal CRM. Enjoy!

Ashley Morris

Ashley Morris